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Yesterday I did another photoshoot with the dancers at work. This time the Stigmata Bunny made an appearance. The Stigmata Bunny is an attempt at combining both Christian and Pagan spring themes in one amazing naked girl body. Stigmata Bunny has bunny ears, a bunny tail, a rosary, clear plastic stripper shoes and bloody stigmatas on hands and feet.

To top it off, another dancer decided she wanted to be photographed on the fire escape smoking a cigarette and pissing. She wore nothing but a fishnet bodysuit and stripper shoes. Our fire escape hangs two stories or more above Post Alley, a tourist thoroughfare on a Sunday afternoon.

I love these people, and I am going to miss them very much.

In other news, my personal life is complicated. And I fell off my bike the other day and didn't start hurting until the next day. Ouch.
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