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(a)n(a)l, action, adrenaline, american indian movement, anarchism, anarcho-gastronomers, anime, apocalypse preparation, art, attempting_accurate_depictions_of_archet, awkward streetcorner conversations, bdsm, being in pigface, being twitchy, black bloc, blackmetal hippies, blaming capitalism and government, blood, body mods, books, boots, brains, cathartic dancing, chains, chaos, cigarettes, comics, compulsory orgasms, costumes, creation, dancing, danger, dax riggs bands, death rays, destruction, drinking, dumpster diving, elaborate paranoid fantasies, energy, explorating pain, fantasy, feminism, firefly, food, four letter words, four syllable words, freedom, friends, gender confusion, governmental destruction, great and terrible beauty, guilt free money, hardcore, harm reduction, hats, healing, herbalism, in dada we trust, industrial, industrial wastelands, insurrection, kink, knives, knowledge, learning, learning about me, learning about you, leather, life, living in the moment, lovers, magic, medicine, metal, michael moorcock/god, music, mythology, naked black bloc, narrative, needles, non-compulsory love, not being on drugs, octopuses, oglala, oral, oral history, order, oscar-fuck-me-in-the-ass-wilde, ost berlin, parties, personalities, photography, piercings, plants, poetry, polyamory, posting about cthulhu, protest medicine, punk rock, purposeful misspellings, pushin' limits, reading, real anti-fascists, really big trees, revolutionary girl utena, rigaer strasse, ritual, rope, sacred sexuality, sacred spaces, sar-chasm, scars, science fiction, select crustlords, sewing, sex, sex workers, sleeping, spirituality, squathouses, squatters, surrealism, symbols, syringes, tea time all day, team kill for jesus, the black cross, the cumming insurrection, the illusion of professionalism, theory, tolerance, trans-everything, trash, traveling, tribalistic communities, wandering aimlessly, wisdom, writing, x-rated, yoni, your ass
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